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Fertility after 35 and 40
Women all over the world are deferring having their children until they are 35 or even 40. There are many reasons for making this decision and these reasons are usually very sensible economically. Unfortunately, however, delaying having children until you are older usually makes becoming pregnant very difficult and it also increases all the risk factors.  Fertility itself starts to decline dramatically after age 35. Your fertility is related to the number of eggs remaining in your ovary. At the same time that the number of eggs drops to a critical level, the risk of miscarriage increases. I have been researching how and why this happens and have discovered that low egg numbers change your whole body and I explain the latest results in 'Starting your family after 30'.

There are also increased risks for your baby. 

In order to help women in their 30's and 40's make informed decisions about their fertility and reproduction. I want to help you and I have written an e-book to help you with your decisions called Starting your family after 30.

Was my age the cause of my miscarriage?
Your age has a major effect on your risk of miscarriage. If you are aged 35 or older you are at much greater risk than your younger 'sisters'. However age interacts with other lifestyle factors and as you age you need to place greater importance on optimising your lifestyle. Smoking, for example, probably won't affect your fertility when you are younger but it will certainly make it very difficult for you to conceive normally when you are 35 or older. There are many different 'habits' that can affect your chances of having a normal healthy baby and you need to understand what these are and correct them. You might not even know that these habits are bad - not because you are ignorant but because many things are never discussed. Could you have imagined that the way you clean your teeth could affect your baby? The easiest way to find out all about lifestyle and miscarriage, is to answer my on-line questionnaire & personal report that you will find at There is a relatively small charge for answering the questionnaire and receiving your detailed report but this unique service - which is based on the very latest research - could save you heartache and a great deal of money in the long run.

Interaction of age and bad habits
My recent research has just revealed that some lifestyle habits don't matter much or at all when you are younger but matter a great deal when you are older than 35. Like many other older women, you might look back on your life at 20 when you felt so much more fertile despite poor diet and bad habits. Sadly this is the reality of ageing. But the news is not all bad. If you either read Starting your family after 30 or undertake the questionnaire on, then make your 'lifestyle resolutions', you will find that your body will respond quite quickly to the changes.

Will supplements increase fertility and decrease the risk of miscarriage?
Up to now there has been no thorough research on this matter however there has been considerable research that indicates which supplements might help. This research and the supplements are described in my book
Starting your family after 30.



It is very likely that you can be helped without the use of drugs and invasive treatments.

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