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Thousands of couples waste large amounts of money on IVF and other invasive procedures without having a successful pregnancy. Many go through emotional anguish, sell their homes and destroy their relationships and still don't have a baby to hold in their arms.

I can't guarantee that you will become pregnant but you will greatly increase your chances if you follow the advice in your Personal Report. The success rate is high for those who are prepared to make the changes.

For most people the changes in lifestyle are not too difficult. They are not extreme changes. They don't require giving up everything you love! They do require eating enough of some food and less of others.  They do require changing or adopting habits that you won't have thought of and no-one else will have mentioned. I can guarantee that you will feel happier and healthier after making the recommended changes.

Making the lifestyle changes will also improve your baby's health and well being when you do conceive.

"Congratulations on the Questionnaire.

I have done a lot of reading and spent years trying /investigating everything from all of the Herbs/Charting/Lifestyle/Health changes, Yoga, Meditation, all forms of IVF (IUI, ICSI), reducing stress etc. From this I've had three IVF pregnancies that have all miscarried.

I felt that your questionnaire was one of the most accessible and comprehensive was of presenting fertility information and assessing one's own situation.

Best wishes, CR, Sydney"

How we developed the Questionnaire
The Fertility Questionnaire started in our PALS Pregnancy and Lifestyle Study. We conducted the study from 1989 to 1994 with a grant from the Australian National Health & Medical Research Council. The study is probably the largest of normal couples ever undertaken. In it, we recruited 1,000 couples who were planning to become pregnant. Many were trying to conceive a baby for the very first time.

Some of the couples didn't complete the study for a number of reasons including work, divorce and moving interstate. In all, we analyzed the results of 600 couples.

The study used both the questionnaire and tests to evaluate the couples. We discovered many things but most importantly, we established conclusively that couples work and lifestyles contributed significantly to reproduction. Other researchers are now repeating our studies and finding the same results.

WORK AND HOME ENVIRONMENTS, FOOD, EMOTIONAL ISSUES, SLEEP PATTERNS AND STRESS all affect a couples chances of becoming pregnant and having a normal healthy baby.

Since then I have refined the questions and written explanations for all the sections as they apply to YOU. I have incorporated new questions as I have discovered more about couples or as new research findings emerge.

Who am I?
I am
Dr Judy Ford. I am an internationally respected Geneticist. I've have been researching and counselling couples for more than 30 years and I've learnt a great deal from the stories they have shared with me. I have also learnt that many unusual problems require unusual solutions and that I must be innovative and open to a wide range of ideas.

My counselling experience and the solutions that have worked for many couples are built in to my Personal Reports. You can obtain the benefits of this when you answer the Questionnaire.

The study identified that at least 10 independent factors could contribute to infertility and miscarriage. There was some overlap in the factors affecting infertility and miscarriage but there were also factors that only affected one or the other.

The chances of having a problem increased with the number of factors. So identifying problems and reducing some of them could greatly help avoid problems of infertility or miscarriage.




Would you like to read the REAL STORY  of Eliza (name only changed )?Eliza is one of hundreds of couples who have succeeded in having a normal healthy baby after answering the Questionnaire and having counselling. Eliza and her husband had been trying to conceive for four years and had failed to conceive after three cycles of IUI and two cycles on IVF?


About the Natural Fertility Solutions (NFS) Questionnaire

The current Questionnaire is based on the original questionnaire used in the PALS study. It has been modified and added to over the last 15 years. The extra questions are based on the responses to the questionnaires, private interviews with hundreds of couples and new knowledge in the scientific literature.

There are 10 sections in the male questionnaire and 12 in the female, each containing between 9 and 20 questions!  The sections cover demographic information, occupation, possible environmental exposures, clothes & fashion, lifestyle factors, illness and medication, sex, sexually transmitted diseases and past contraception, food & nutrition, past emotional experiences, reproductive history, pathology testing and previous treatments.


There are TWO ways o answering the Questionnaire.

Questionnaire only: This option is completely PRIVATE . You receive your PERSONAL EVALUATION and REPORT instantly.

You can answer the Questionnaire on-line NOW. Once you have paid, you can choose your own user name and password that will enable you to have access as often as you like for two weeks.

You will be able to print out a written report for each section. When you have finished you will have your own report of approximately 35 pages of straight forward and practical advice.

The total cost for completing the Questionnaire and receiving your Personal Report is U.S. $59.95 per couple or $39.95 for either the Male or Female.


OR Questionnaire PLUS Counselling:

In person Counselling in Adelaide (most times), other Australian cities (selected times), ANYWHERE (by telephone - most times). The total cost is Aus $100 (if applicable) for Questionnaire processing plus one hour's Counselling.

You can phone me (08 8244 7551 or +618 8244 7551) or email me and arrange payment. I will then email the Questionnaire to you OR you can post your cheque/postal note and order form through to me and I will email the Questionnaire to you. For postal order, click HERE.




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